[ If you already read the ‘Welcome’ post – do skip to the end, to read more about this idea, and it’s background]

Hi everyone!
Welcome to the campfire!

Well, the digital age equivalent of a campfire that is this blog; where we gather to weave stories. I’m so happy you could make it, or stumbled upon us by chance- if such a thing exists. For you see, it’s all together that we can make stories come alive, and I can’t wait to see what stories we’ll craft here! Feel free throughout this experiment to engage and share your point of view.

What kind of stories we’ll weave here you may wonder? Good question, but wait… are you still standing afar listening to me?  Please, do join me around the fire and take a sit. Make yourself at home. The fire is warm and the stars shine brightly above our heads; a good night is ahead of us, and we shall be there until the gwawr [the dawn in welsh- you really thought I made up this word didn’t you? I shall explain more on this later, you have my word !] of the new day. Is everyone sitting comfortably ? Perfect! So yes…what kind of stories will we weave here? Well, for me the aim behind the creation of this place was to weave a better story. To weave, to craft, to write, and ultimately to live a better story. A better global story. A story about the world we live in and what it can become. For you see, I believe stories are an essential component of human beings. I believe that the stories we tell ourselves about our-self, about our life, and about the world we live in, shape our whole view on these and ultimately how we interact with them. That’s why, two people facing the same situation, won’t necessarily react the same way to it… The difference is not in the situation itself, but ultimately in how they perceive it, what story they tell themselves about the situation, hence shaping what actions they’ll then take- bringing vastly different results. And sometime I tell myself that maybe we can write a better story about our world and where we’re going.

Who am I, you might ask ? You can call me Victoria. Actually that’s surely the name you know me under if we have already met. Here, I will also be using my second name, Fauve, as a wink to my younger self. I decided back then that if I ever was to write I would be using my second name; so I figured out, why not do so.  But more than that…who am I? I’m a self-proclaimed dreamer and idealist. It all started in high school I think, or that’s when I remember that it really started I guess, maybe it was in me all-along and just decided to made itself fully known back then. I started looking at the world around me feeling that some things were not just as good as they could be. That war, poverty, environmental disasters, oceans full of plastic, people being so disconnected from each other that they’ll feel alone in a crowd and so many others narratives, were not the best narratives we could come up with as humans. That this was not the best we could do. That we could write a better story.  And since then, I guess that this has been one of the main guidelines of my journey as a human being. How do we go about writing a better story, one that would work for all ? Now, I do not talk about reaching ‘total perfection’ – does such a thing even exist ? But I believe we can aim for something better. This questioning has brought me on an interesting journey; from exploring art and meditation, to studying social services work and now permaculture [okay, this is a simplified story-line; the actual story is even less straightforward, even if ultimately everything does fit together perfectly]. You could say that I’m the one with unbreakable faith that we can all live in harmony with one-another, and nature. A dreamer. An idealist. Yeps, that’s me !

One last thing …Let’s not take ourselves too seriously, okay ? After all, this is just an experiment in creativity. A way to ponder different questions, to think creatively and expand our thinking. If we ever stumble about an interesting solution, great ! If not, the road –here, the act of weaving the story- is maybe more important than the destination itself, right ? Because by doing so, we’re still examining life through different lenses and hence thinking more creatively. And this is never a waste of time ! And just as life is never fixed, let’s remember that our thoughts and understandings are always expanding,  growing, evolving… So let’s not be too fixed on what we once said as if it was some kind of golden unchangeable truth, and let’s be playful with this all process- the ultimate goal is maybe just about being more creative with our own thinking. Once again, your participation in this process is extremely important – the comment section is always open, no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Now you may ask : ‘What themes will we explore exactly ?’ Well, you know; life, meaning, how to live in harmony with the earth [okay this theme might be a big one, I’m really passionate about taking care of Mama Gaia],  a bit of everything  truthfully ?

From deep questioning of reality [creative thoughts] to very light creative word-play [word chaos]; and everything in between !

So I guess, that’s it for the presentations. You know who I am now, and you know what this creative experiment is about.

Now, what is this name about you might wonder ?

Gwawr is a welsh name meaning ‘The Dawn’. And the Dawn for me always represented the beginnings, light shining out of the darkness… A very good metaphor for Hope- something that is very dear to my heart you’ll soon realize.
GWAWR could also stand for Gaia’s Workshop : Agape, Wonder, Radiance.

Or at least that’s what I decided it to be when I first came up this name when I was 18 – at first for products I was making;  gemstones jewelry and up-cycled items. Handmade items with a story behind them, made from recycled/up-cycled/ eco-friendly materials.
But it then also extended to my first blog, and I decided to use it here too- as an extension of what was before, even if under a new form.

Gaia is the name of Mother Earth in Greek mythology. In a way, I consider that we are here on Earth to learn, making of earth a big workshop – where one would learn and create (& by create I mean it in the wide sense of the term : create our experiences, our-self, creating memories …). For me, three of the main ingredients that should be present to make this experience a great one would be : Agape (the word used by the Greeks for Universal Love ), Wonder ( to keep an open mind, and open heart; to go forward with stars in the eyes) and Radiance ( to let our own light shine, to dare being our self and by shining this light also helping others).

I thought these words, along with the translation of the word itself, would describe well the spirit I wanted to present in my endeavours; hence the name GWAWR was born !

So here you are, you know everything now ! I will try my best to post at least once a week here- and to keep the instagram account linked to this creative endeavor active.There, I will also share about my own experiences trying to live more in harmony with the world, be it by trying to reduce my carbon footprint for example or else.

I’m happy you stumbled upon this place and look forward to seeing you again !
With Much Love,
Victoria Fauve