[ Archives] Life is made of moments

November 2013 [edited]

There are too many words to be said; a whole lifetime wouldn’t be enough to write them all. A way to arrange them would be to put theses five words together in that order : Life is made of moments.

Do we ever really look back to a year ?  a month ? a week ?
Or do we look back to see the very moments that created this week,this month,this year ?

Do you ever remember the day in itself or do you remember what happened on this day; to be more precise what happened on this day that made you feel alive ?
Be it from pain or joy; be it from your heart splashing out sparkles because of an amazing walk you took in the wood or breaking down in pieces after you heard sad news; be it in any way, maybe we only want to feel alive.
Maybe feeling ‘dead’, feeling like we’re truly only a bag of meat walking the earth is something we wish to run away from.
Maybe we wish to feel like we are some stars dust dancing in the eternal melody of life. And maybe that’s what we should strive to be : living-dancing-stars dusts.

Life is made of moments : I personally wish to create as many as I can.

[All ‘Archives’ posts are posts I wrote long ago, posted all around the web, and that I decided to group here as keepsakes ]


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